We look forward to partnering with you to maximize your solar investment. Drawing expertise from years of industry experience working with homeowners, business owners and utility companies, Patriot will meticulously and strategically investigate and analyze your current position working toward your long-term goal. Our partnership is steadfast, providing the most current, complete & reliable energy management solutions for you and your family.


  • Increase property value

  • Eliminate electric cost inflation

  • Offset home's carbon emission

  • Provide clean energy for EV charging


  • Restore power during emergency shutoffs

  • Harness unused power storage from daytime production

  • Smaller system needed to offset usage

  • Create your own microgrid 


  • Increase your property's ROI

  • Reduce food spoil from power outages

  • Provide security and power reliability

  • Participate in clean energy movement



We mainly offer three services to support your energy needs. These services are provided keeping in mind the market trends and inefficiencies. These inefficiencies are ignored by service providers. Most people are interested in reducing their monthly expenses through low energy consumption. For instance, when utility bills are on the higher side, it will reduce the property's potential value as people will be less likely to buy a place that costs on the higher side.  Therefore, Patriot recommends having a secure future with the use of renewable and green energy. To justify our claim, let us give you a big picture of what are services have to offer. Perks of solar panel installation services include:

Minimize consumption of utility services offered by Power producers.

Once you move to green energy, net metering will be impactful as compared to previous times. You will probably be able to sell excess energy in the power grid. Hence, instead of utilizing the services of a utility provider, you are now opting for a low energy bill for the electricity.

Playing a significant role in sustaining the friendliness of the environment through a reduction in carbon emission.

Using the energy for daily activities like charging your electric car.

Targeting the value of a property for greater benefit. The resale value tends to increase when people see the cost effectiveness of living in a house that supports their finance in terms of utility bills.

The solar panel installation services we offer are always the right choice!

What do we look at while planning your solar panel installation?

Patriot Construction services offer solar panel installation just like other solar panel installation companies in California. The Solar panel installation companies in California normally do operate with standard protocols. We would like to highlight these measures to satisfy our consumers.

First, check the energy efficiency at your place. We analyze the energy usage by observing what owners believe is the possible energy usage. This helps us to implement the potential efficiency upgrades. There are things like home energy audits that may sound useful.

Second, and the most important thing, is to look at whether the place is ideal for producing enough energy for your daily usage. We calculate the solar energy available at a specific location.

We recommend asking different solar panel installation companies in California about their pricing so as to make a comparative self-evaluation of what price is better for you. Our prices will surely win your heart! The solar panels we offer are surely going to be your best option as they support daily functioning from EV charging to Solar batteries. The commercial and industrial power systems (C&I) also cover other needs like powering your business and making it financially stable.

Finally, the worst-case scenario where you might end up having no choice is also covered in our services. Patriot Construction offers EMERGENCY ENERGY STORAGE, where power is stored for later usage when faced with severe energy shortfalls.