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We at Patriot Construction make sure that the cost is on the lower side as compared to other solar contractors. Recent trends showed that the commercial solar panel cost had seen a gradual decline over the period. If you would look in the US, the price is moving down the slope, decreasing two third since 2010. Another interesting fact is the commercial solar panel cost is reduced to 7.6% in Texas as compared to the national average.

We at Patriot Construction calculate the cost in terms of price per watt of power capacity. It is the same thing as the price per square foot metric in the construction industry. Our price is shaped keeping in mind the average installed cost of $2.00 per watt.

If you look at a commercial solar system of 100 Kilowatt (kW), it is capable of generating 136,000 kWh annually. The total cost as per the competitive price is $200,000. We offer a price for the commercial installation with the help of site analysis. You can get this done using Patriot Construction services. We recommend site analysis due to the varying needs of commercial installation. In this regard, our effort is entirely based on the ROI of commercial solar panels, so your business may find it appealing and feasible at the same time.

Site analysis would give an idea about the energy requirement you need to meet the needs of your business’s energy consumption. We gave a general idea about the average cost of commercial solar panels to make you understand how cost-effective we are. Commercial solar panels will cost an average of $251,162 in the United States in 2021, with costs ranging from $50,211 to $502,113.

Our commercial solar panel installation

Patriot Construction is one of the leading names in commercial solar panel installation. We are the best when it comes to providing services in the region we operate. Our vision stays the same, i.e., to serve people according to their needs. We are serving locals through solar energy system installations, repairs, and maintenance services for prices one can never imagine. To understand the working culture, one must be aware of some key traits like honesty and dedication. We offer services that are unmatched and unparalleled to any other.

Patriot construction is all about reliable energy savings for all customers irrespective of ethnic or racial background. One of the services we offer are complimentary maintenance and monitoring services on every commercial solar panel installation. You probably think once in a lifetime to make an investment at this level. Therefore, making a wiser decision is always the first priority. Our designs are innovative and feasible to use maximum energy against the cost incurred for commercial solar panel installation. Not only that, but Patriot Construction always provides customer services so that your maintenance is up to date. You can get a quote for solar panel installation just after we complete the site analysis. Now get your solar panel installed via our expert team members.

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