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The ample supply of energy is necessary for businesses to work without any interruption. Patriot Construction uses commercial solar installation as a key tool to attract more revenue generation. Our commercial power systems use cutting-edge technology for solar energy solutions. We hope to bring a major change to your work through our services. According to our world data, the USA has seen a major uptake in the utilization of renewable sources till 2020. Our intent is clear and simple and that is to contribute the most as the world is facing the catastrophic impact of climate change.

We aim to cut down major expenses incurred as a result of energy utilization. We assure the best services with no blend rates. Now, what are blend rates? We calculate blended rates through utility charges and total kilowatt-hour consumption. It seems to be a justifiable method as long as you don’t experience seasonal demand. Once there is a seasonal demand, it totally fails to give any ease you might expect.

Patriot Construction never includes blend rates in the commercial solar installation and measuring the financial feasibility of the C & I power system. In this way, we never claim artificial inflation of ROI. We care for ROI as it is crucial in your motivation to shift towards green energy. Since multiple measures are needed to make an energy system looks good. Thus, we account for all of them. Therefore, the financial details are so accurate that even a third party can validate them. These measures are not only taken by SMEs but by giants like Apple, Target, and PepsiCo. All of these brands are now shifting towards solar energy.

The process companies following in Commercial solar installation

Quality matters a lot for us, as commercial application means taking responsibility for those linked with businesses; we offer our service. We have managed to create a simple and precise template for the commercial solar installation process. The consumer of green energy produced via the C & I power system can now be aware of the holistic process been taken by the company for their betterment and able to maintain a sense of mutual trust.

Initially, we performed a site evaluation to build a strong foundation for our solar design. Things to be taken care of during site evaluation are legal reviews and connection points where the grid and C & I power systems are linked. The majority of commercial solar installations California saw previously included site evaluation.

Now, we are ready to create a system design, i.e., formalizing the overall plan of installation. Through system design, each panel can be traced down for maintenance and other checkups. In addition, system design is a major player in seeing solar energy exposure.

The timeline of commercial solar installation in California varies with the size of the solar panels.

Within two to three weeks, a quick installation is completed for small projects; at the same time, bigger projects may take up to a few months.  Remember that certain measures are required during the installation that may cause a disruption in your operations, subject to the nature of the project.

Finally, when all these steps are taken, it is time to start commissioning. Here, we would let you know that the system design is exactly executed as per the plan. We recommend you ask for utility grants regarding the connection of the C & I power system with the local power grid. Here you go! Your business is ready to perform daily operations with complete freedom.

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